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most of the stuff that used to be here is lost somewhere ... i may find it and put it back or i may put something else here instead. LIKE MY WEBCOMIX!!!!

the funniest comic ever is the second panel of this comic here

in mid-2002 i began to paint! all of a sudden. here are the paintings i completed as of late 2002... and several that i have not. I began again in early 2005, and it looks like i may never post the latest batch. But since most are unfinished (and no better than mediocre) I don't expect anyone to care much.

in early 2005 i belatedly jumped on the blog-wagon. It's a couple of vague musings, and a mildly amusing tale of making lasagna really badly. When I wrote the blogging software I thought it would be useful to have the postings leave the front page after a couple of months, and as a result there currently seem to be No postings (you can find them if you search by anything, though). I thought for a long time there had been a db crash and I'd lost them... but no, I just wrote it that way and forgot. Then I moved servers and may have Really lost the content... Argh.

Used to have some cameraphone pix, some of which were interesting, but my account has unaccountably gone away, probably due to inactivity. More useful is my Flickr account (I went to China in 2007 and took a bunch of pix of my travelling companions with their cameras, and some funny signs.

In mid-2005, I've written some software that I wish to offer to the world. My OSS oeuvre.

Near the end of 2006, I took a job at Instructables, writing their web application. I am in LOVE with Instructables. It is the Best Thing Evar.

Relatedly (but not causally), here is my Projects Wiki tracking all the things I'm making, want to make, want someone else to make, or am collaborating with someone to make.


Annie Shao and I had a workbench at the 2007 Maker Faire. It was called Tribbles and Veeblefetzers and we showed how to make a couple different kinds of electronically enhanced soft toys. It was great fun! Also there is more information here:

Where the Great Old Ones Are by ~torenatkinson on deviantART

Some of my instructables!

- More cool how to projects

- More cool how to projects

- More cool how to projects