updated 2005.05.22

This page is the home of all the vast amount of Open Source Software I write! Currently there are two projects I'm working on. One is a blog, which I wrote to learn PHP. I'm running it here (RIGHT here, for those who are interested) and since it does things exactly the way I like them, I may keep it around.

The other is a plugin for Atlassian's excellent wiki Confluence, which allows it to automatically display content from the OS project manager XPlanner.


There are two versions so far. Documentation is pretty good because I started out with the idea of releasing this for anyone's use and documented as I went along. Since I wrote it to learn PHP, I recommend mucking about with this as an excellent way to learn PHP - nothing is very complicated and it's commented heavily.

XPlanner Confluence plugin

Not really ready for the prime time, and not very well documented. But what the hell, here it is. I do use this so I'll be finishing it up at some point, but of course if you'd like to finish it first that's fine. The release does include the IDEA project files. If you're a Java programmer and haven't tried IDEA yet, I strongly recommend it.